500,000 Routers Hacked! Are you a victim? BrokenISP News Router Virus/malware



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  • Bill Page

    we heard on televsion slim line tv set news in living room so for saftey measures we rebooted our router reboot means start the news guy said do anything pull the plug if you have to waite a minute or so then turn everything back on again

  • Bill Page

    walter jeans pt selbets improvement on loong rentangled all mirrored on out side mirror tunnel with added lighting scheme light bends roapm.com goodnewsbaptist.org billriceranch.org wilds.org sweethavenbaptist.com considercharacter.org christianlaw.org andrekole.org creation.com copperfield apparence in highteck detail information i saw at chrysler hall in norfolk virginia ps all you see is a black box with hole added with cover over it in the audience looks like like how a normal size tisue box looks with oval or retangle hole in it but later on when look alike getting on motorcycle harly davidson bike that box now gone in audience just empty space floorlook up in youtube videos and google search engines david copperfield music even ones i now that most dont know thanks to Jesus for able to let me learn that others dont know about other illusion copperfields chrystal smoke chamber illusion to song i wear my sun glasses at night by singer cory heart and other illusion where his 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revealed more info that cool valentino Christian illusionist did not go in detail about way before even youtube was created look in alt.magic.secrets in google.com search engines also in magiccafe cool stuff also and also secrets of magic forum ps im thankful To Jesus that all medea is around now even youtube videos it helps everyone and me out to share freely the Knowledge Jesus Christ Lord Saviour God gives us freely to use to give back freely he then gives us more talents freely to give to others freely in Christ always chubby billpage illusionist magician in fun ps hers other youtube video channels that share freely SankeyMagic howtoDisturbReality nadjib haffaf FernandoP1 MagicMurray nadjib haffaf herbert l becker all the secrets of magic revealed 1980 cbs mystery magician steve cohen hosted jasper maskyn the war illusionist and so did franz hararay pythonify on the war illusionist co producer jewish Christian illusionist david seth kotkin copperfield helped in now you see me movie 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  • Broken ISP


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  • ElBothel

    If you turn off and restart the modem it sends out an easily identified IP address that allow the hacker to hone in on your device.



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