Cloudflare Have Launched a DNS Service



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  • Armanelgtron

  • Steven M


  • pm3

    Cloudflare has shown in the past that they are willing to block certain websites that they politically disagree with, so I would never use them as my DNS provider.

  • Blu Rakkun

    I'd be hesitant relying on Cloudflare for anything; they have a track record of gating-off websites to users who sensibly obfuscate their IP. I'd say just get a VPN you trust and use their inbuilt DNS.

  • Joe Johnson

    Why use that when a VPN is encrypted and other benefits?

  • Damian Rath

    A few notes on the #Cloudflare new DNS initiative:

    1) One of the reasons the lookups are so quick is that they only have a fraction of DNS lookups in comparison to other public resolvers. This will most likely change when their userbase gets larger.

    2) No company does anything without a agenda. The question is what their end goal is. I will personally wait a while before committing to their seemingly too-good-to-be-true service. I'm expecting the other shoe to drop.

  • Xavom

    Running the same tests from US mid-west 3 times in sequence I get the same results.

  • KiloSierraAlpha

    Fuck Cloudflare. They're as evil as Google. If you want a good DNS, install dnscrypt.

  • Casper S?

    My ISP's own DNS is extremely fast. Faster than any other I've tested. 6msec

  • Tytan64

    Sweet, now I can just 'ping 1.1' makes life as an administrator easier 🙂

  • Reygle

    We use Umbrella by OpenDNS for a bunch of our clients. I don't know how good this is, but I'm damn glad there's more secure DNS available on the web.

  • William Rumley

    How is this service when compared to OpenDNS?

  • Robert Fletcher

    I have just looked at Cloudflare DNS ping agout 34 ms OpenDNS 18 ms Location Leicester UK.
    I was interested in the comments so far and caution is needed at this stage of using CloudFlare. I will be sticking to OpenDNS that I have used for many years. I think quidsup has jumped on to Cloudflare like the proverbial bull in a china shop.

  • Learn Linux

    Glad you covered this. I'm concerned about the legitimacy of this service. Reading through the comments didn't help either. 😛

  • themroc

    Hi Quidsup! I have a suggestion for when you feel like reviewing distros again. Why not have a look at the distributions that spawned from the old and venerable Mandrake Linux? Mageia, Rosa, Open Mandriva… I feel the are underrepresented on youtube and the english-speaking youtubers don't know much about them, but they are still very popular in France and Germany, where Mandriva used to be really big in the early 2000's. And they certainly have a lot to offer. Mageia in particular has a lot of packages! Anyway, keep up with the good work!

  • perkedel kornet

    cloudflare = ISIS ?

  • EstebanZD

    Use a DNS with SSL (or TLS, I don't know what are we using now) if you want your querys to be encrypted, like Google's.

  • C L

    Does this help us to bypass the lack of net neutrality now in the US?



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