DEF CON 24 – Panel – MR ROBOT Panel



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  • Dustin Rodriguez

    I would have expected the ex-FBI guy to be a little more self aware… the reason you see movies like Enemy of the State showing the government side as being bristling with impossible technology and with the power of gods isn't just because it's what looks good on TV. In the 1990s, the FBI in particular realized that their public image was terrible. Everyone thought FBI stood for Fucking Bunch of Idiots. So they started working with Hollywood and TV producers (well 'working with' in the sense that they forced them to depict agents in certain ways to get ANY access or cooperation) to improve their public image.

    And it worked very well. The NSA is doing this now, you see NSA being mentioned far more now and always in a near-godlike capacity. The intent is to make people believe that they are more capable than they are, more active than they are, etc. (The NSA really does have some pretty significant capabilities, but it's very masturbatory, we saw that from the 9/11 Commission report where it was revealed they knew exactly where Mohammed Atta was and had his conversations monitored, but would not share the information with the CIA or FBI when they asked. They are totally convinced that if they ever DO anything, then people will know their capabilities and they'll miss their opportunity to foil a supervillain or something. They're like the DEA, letting drug dealers operate for decades on the vague notion that maybe eventually it will help them get to someone way higher up the food chain…. except with the DEA there actually are leaders of cartels. With the NSA, it's a vague non-existent boogieman and they spend most of their time with automated behavior analysis systems it seems to me…)

  • Shortcut

    woaw, bringing Bill Harper back was the best continuity mistake ever.

  • Metal Monkey

    I just went to csicyber…
    You fucking rock dude.


    Nice panel, but in season 1 when Eliot runs dictionary cracking attack against /etc/passwd file was first thing i spotted in this movie that actually wouldn't work 😉 Really surprised to see this in there. But Mr Robot is really great technically anyway, great job guys!

  • DatK9

    Lol the announcer for the panel is like their mom. "Face the audience. Pick up the microphone." stares judgingly

  • djsnakeyes

    Content quality: DEFCON
    Audio quality: Grade school talent show

  • John Doe

    eeeehm, stupid question. the platform infront of the speaker, this is a dial from an old phone? if so, who did it and why he/she can't count up to 10? xD

  • Vera Linux

    damn thought i could watch the whole video but i couldnt, lots of love tho, nice talk :-).

  • Preset1

    "I'll start on the far right" black guy looks at the crowd twice lmao

  • NibsNiven

    I can't even watch this because of the $hit audio. Bitch slap the "sound" technician multiple times and never let them near a sound system again.

    BTW the moderator was popping her Ps so much I wanted to drop kick her. A simple foamy over her mic would have removed most of that.

  • Chris Raymond

    Will someone get Kor some water please?!

  • Randeep Bimbh

    wow i cant even remember in which season Elliot downloaded the movie from torrent. can someone point me towards that episode please?

  • Oldstuff Man

    Defecation Con? weirdos.

  • Steve Steven

    In the first episode where he busts the indian dude for cp, his explanation of how he does it seemingly makes no sense. he starts out by saying that he monitored the wifi, saw something weird, then hes talking about tor and how if you own the exit node you can alter the traffic. it didn't seem to give much of an explanation at all. does anyone have any thoughts on that?

  • akaDiluted

    They should say WE not I did this or that your a team

  • FukU2222

    First while seemed pretty awk, so much water sipping… lmfao

  • Kenny Dorman

    For all you complaining about the audio….just download boom from the App Store. <problem fixed>

  • ph4nt0m

    I wish the podium lady would get off the fucking stage.

    You're not on TV, be quiet. I don't care about you I care about the panel.

  • My name is Jeff

    Play it through VLC and amp the volume

  • biomechanism1

    Search for "All I got is green code" here on youtube. 😀


    MR ROBOT cruises by at 0:42 lol

  • curvytangerine

    The only thing bothering me about the audio is the moderator breathing into that fucking mic the entire goddamn time. Driving me INSANE.

  • budes matpicu

    beware! your audio was hacked!

  • Jski87

    Is it mandatory to take a drink once they say your name?

  • artimus

    Five minutes or more of ego stroking before anything is even said..

  • PayPal Security

    Fuck youuu defcon show us the true hacking or go to the hell

  • sparhopper

    This was great, but as someone who knows someone w/DID, i'd love to see a panel on the psychology of 'Mr.Robot' too…



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