Equifax Hacked! Your Social Security Number is Probably Public – Threat Wire



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  • angel hernandez

    Its cool…im broke anyways. Now ill get money from that class action 😀

  • Arda Bulut

    Turkey Voters Database was leaked last year. That was about 40-50 million SSN's. Probably with 5 minutes of time you can build a database safer than all countries.

  • Elinars


  • Callandor

    Lifetime pain. Credit problems just the beginning darlings. IRS, police, you may have to deal with due to ID theft. Hopefully the piggies will not storm your house…which can lead to you or your pet's "accidental" death.

  • Unfettered Access Granted

    Equifax will win the lawsuit because YOU never had an agreement with them to keep your information safe! How can you sue them for something that YOU NEVER gave them permission to do in the first place? You better SUE them for collecting your information, distributing it, and selling it without legal authority to do so! Who, and or what, gives them, or any other credit bureau, the statutory authority, or permission to collect MORE data on individuals/persons than most Federal Agencies? Those are the questions that NEED to be answered! What, or WHO…. Makes them the GATEKEEPERS to a persons quality of life? To hinder, and altogether inhibit the "pursuit of happiness"? The credit bureaus, owned by the SAME families that own the National Banks, which in turn owns the (Non-Federal), Federal Reserve Bank are dictating WHO is, and WHO is NOT credit worthy, or worthy to live the life that they deserve just by a simple set of numbers! Credit Bureaus are the creators of the classes, don't ever think their not! They are the ones who CONTROL YOUR LIVELIHOOD! They need to be SHUT DOWN, utterly, and completely, NOW! Subscribe to my channel to learn how to STOP THEM COLD!

  • Jared M

    We should have nfc chips implanted into our wrists at birth.

  • Some Things In Life

    Say "She sells sea shells on the sea shore"

  • Icynox46

    Man. I wish Threatwire had its own channel. I'm not smart enough to understand most of the other content on this channel, but threatwire is probably the most concise presentation of relevant tech news that I've found on YouTube. Nice job guys.

  • Neke #

    It's all a hoax to instill fear

  • SW Hiker Smith

    If one can't trust Equifuckme Credit Agency with personal data, how can we trust them that they will actually freeze out account?

  • RoboticusMusic

    Women CEO's are empoweri… AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!

  • Joe Viocoe

    We could simply hold accountable any lender who is fooled by identity thieves.
    Right now, lenders can't get fooled, because someone uses publicly available information to impersonate you,… And it is up to the individual victim to prove otherwise.
    There are no consequences for giving credit to identity thieves. If they can be sued, or be criminally liable for allowing identity thieves to impersonate using simple public numbers… You will see the industry develop more secure mechanisms for identity proofing.

  • 84Actionjack

    Great stuff!! Thanks.

  • zyxwvutsrqponmlkh

    That's not how to say pico

  • yippnet

    I think this whole Equifax breach announcement was done to gather our private info for use in shady rip offs. Anybody else feel this way?

  • Ric Johns

    In case you didn't know, the government promised that Social Security card numbers would never be used as identity numbers. That's why we older guys have card that says, "FOR SOCIAL SECURITY PURPOSES NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION" on them.

  • francis chow

    Its funny because many teachers used to require social security number at the top of your assignment with your name….

  • Clinton Knight

    The more the Equifax information comes out, the more it SCREAMS Equifax was NEVER a viable company. Its like a giant information scam masquerading as a legitimate company. No security, no over sight, and legally shady crap.

  • oblong

    CEO of Equifax…gone

  • SumTing Wong

    LOL, even though my parent do owned a Wells Fargo credit card and used them, but we never use any of the credit report company at all since we activate the credit card. Now we have to pay back the amount we use on the credit card.

    For those people got their identity information stolen, well your best is freeze the credit instead of sue them because you only get $5 and the lawyer will get the rest. The other option is change your name, your social security, and move to different place to start your whole new life, and stop using any of the credit report company at all. Why do I say stop using any of the credit report report company? Well, if Equifax manage to get hacked, than the other two majors might get hack as well, and if you haven't learn your lesson from this incident than I don't know what to tell ya. I rather be poor than have my identity onto the bad guy hand.

  • Ulysses Mendez

    It's time to do away with the IRS and credit reporting agencies



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