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  • _A P_

    Why not buy a real rifle?

  • chkwadck

    what I fine view on a glossy screen

  • c4snipar

    Damn, those internet warriors need to Watch out what they say now, next thing you find out is that it will shoot through a screen in the future lol

  • Philip

    Why should they even have wifi or internet connection it brings nothing, it only makes it unsafer (at least makes it feel unsafe don't think people will run around and try to get wifi connection to rifle but they have talk about connecting it to the internet) and it makes the gun feel like expensive toy

  • Squelch133

    Is it not target assisted? It might be self aiming if the system moved the gun perhaps?

  • machaf

    In the video you said changing the weight of the bullet will make it hit the left target…Curious how changing the weight of the bullet makes it impact the target to the left?? I can see changing the wind would make it hit left. but the weight, should only effect the vertical axis??

  • Dead Line

    It's not excally "hacking" its recalibrating so it doesn't work any more, like changing the suspension on a car so it gives no bounce to make the ride smooth but making it so it doesn't do that..

  • Pan Diego

    When you are hacking the AiMboter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Aaron Doherty

    Trigger – bot in real life

  • Rusty Case

    Thumbs up! You have done a fine job showing how foolish someone would be to spend 13k on a rifle targeting system.
    Give the whole platoon nagants and set em up for volley fire! rc


    Lol first shot got her

  • Skillz

    Not even 4 hours into 2016 and YouTube already reset the dates on comments so they specifically state 2015

  • Jacob Carter

    one less gadget I have to buy, oh well

  • Sebi20070

    Because of the fact that they didn't tell us about any security mechanisms in place that they had to "hack through" i'm assuming there weren't any, so it's not hacking, it's recalibrating.

  • Ryan Norton

    This is complete bullshit. They said that the system is set up to allow the user to adjust settings via computer, so why is what they are doing special? A drunk monkey could do this. Also I don't give a fuck what you change the bullet weight to, it won't move your point of impact 4 feet to the left or on a horizontal axis at all. They don't know anything about ballistics. Stop lying to people.

  • TheHortond

    Cool rifle, lame video.

  • Dylan Le Lerre

    This Ulf only wok in the uk if you were in a bt hotspot

  • boomshroomgoonmoon

    oh my god DAT GAP

  • Dill Rogerz

    Is this due to the add on of the glasses that they offer? (So that you don't even have to be looking at the scope, just be crouched with your finger on the trigger and looking into the glasses that offer you a virtual reality look into the scope).. That's the only reason I could see why they would have a Wifi connection. They should offer a model that doesn't allow this feature for those that are extra paranoid about security.

    Though, its a REALLY great feature to have (the VR glasses).. makes the shooter be able to fire the weapon from a MUCH safer position. However, with the exploit creating the risk of leaving them vulnerable to having their weapon deemed practically useless is not worth the benefit, IMO.

    If anyone knows for sure, please let me know if I'm wrong about the glasses that show the sight being the cause of this exploit.

    Regardless, I think this technology is GREAT, especially if they give the option to take out the wifi connectivity.

  • Nick NFLD

    Who would seriously buy this

  • Steven Hodges

    It's only a "sniper rifle" in the hands of a sniper.

  • Kitsune Chan

    War… has changed…

  • TM Hedgehog

    This is why you shouldn't put Wifi on everything.
    If that had been a USB direct connection, or something similar, you can't hack it unless you plug directly in to the gun.

  • darryl goodman

    okay you can hack the WiFi but in a combat situation how close would you have to be to effect the target acquisition and how fast would it be to become a dead hacker?

  • Jeff Johnson

    Sorry but that smart system takes way to long and you would have to hope your target stays still. I will stick with my true and tested scope.

  • Siris Mc

    From a lot of these comments, most people have no idea how a Tracking Point rifle works.

    First off, the hacker would have to get within the 30 foot max range of the internal wifi to hack it.
    You only reason you use wifi is for a spotter to stream the scope's view to iPad, iPhone etc. wifi isn't needed by the shooter at all.
    The scope view displays how many devices are connected.
    The wifi is password protected.
    Within 30 feet is pistol range anyway.

    The only way you can hack this rifle, is if they let you.

  • Psyché Roadtrip

    Hacker Control console
    "Make rifle do a 180 no scope"
    Shoots user

  • Michael Foye

    Wifi on a rifle is not "smart"

  • Thurnis Haley

    Excellent! Until something happens to the computing and you have a $13000 paper weight. Not it mention it takes exponentially longer to aim and fire. and it's useless for moving targets. Once visibility starts to hinder in foggy, rainy, or dark conditions, probably won't stand well either. But great, totally revolutionary!

  • Dayson Moxness

    If you have to choose where you hit with the scope first, couldn't you have just shot it with a normal 500 dollar rifle?

  • Kurt Cobain

    This is dangerous you can kill someone without near the weapon and get away with it hehehe



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