Home Invasion Caught on 16 Surveillance Cameras



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  • Tyler Hales


  • Shock Treatment

    When seconds count, police are only minutes away.

  • MichaelMick

    14 minutes, good job fellas.

  • Emily Guthro

    buy a gun and end it in a few seconds.. wake up america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all should be armed

  • bron

    I was quite aware when two people in samurai wear, with nailed poles,
    entered my house in 2014. 22nd October 2014. In Newcastle, NSW,
    Australia. They took nothing but kept hitting me. They were looking for a
    young woman who had pissed them off in some way.

    The only link to this person, as in anyway connected to our Home, was,
    our next door neighbours wife. She grew up in biker culture (Father,
    Mother, Brother, Husband) and I think she thought the mouthy young woman
    was our Daughter. I was beaten and beaten,; broken arm, toes and head.

    They left when my husband woke up and hit them with his walking stick.
    My injuries eventually resulted in my losing my job because as a casual,
    I could no longer do the job. Unemployed a year now.

    The biker club (can't remember his club name), husband hugged me and
    assured me he had nothing to do with the grievous etc. They left soon

    And I am 62 years of age.

    Who walks into another persons home and beats their 'Mother' up?
    Obviously even biker 1 % ers (and my husband is a former biker).

  • F-450 6.7 PowerStroke

    Is it me or the guy runs like an alien

  • Moni H.

    14 minutes wtf?

  • john miller

    This is why you add a dog and a gun to security system

  • FordFracture

    now remember kids cops only show up after the damage is done and someone's dead or shot ! so get your permit get a gun and protect yourself and your family . the only effective way to stop a bad guy is with a gun !

  • Samantha Wilson

    Why did the police get there 14 minutes later? By then it was too late. The robber already escaped and now that he knows he's in trouble with the law. He gonna run away when ever the cops come around. He could be anywhere by now.

  • Learning2Smile

    Looks like a fucking mexican. I hope he gets caught and forced to serve Tacos for the rest of his life.

  • EricSins

    1:27 "I came out of my closet" she a lesbian

  • BCFreedomFighter

    She should have knock on that door with a 12 gauge… would have sent this creep into a better place!

  • Oz Bo

    14 min later?!!! WOW
    Liberals keep ur 911 calls. I keep my .45

  • Jay Al

    Move out there, Moon Is ur new place

  • Zio War

    Very irresponsible to not have a form of protection in your house for instances just as this. She is lucky, this could have gone any number of ways, most not in her favor as all she had to defend herself was 'screaming and banging on her bedroom door'. "Yeah, 9/11? I'm about to die, how fast can you get here…?" 9/11: "Once my officers finish their doughnuts and coffee they should be rolling by there in about 15…, do you have a gun to protect yourself until they get there ma'am?" Lady: "No. I don't believe in guns or being able to defend my life, my families lives or the lives of others and my property, I identify as a Victim." 9/11: "Well ma'am, that's too bad. You could try screaming and banging on your bedroom door!"

  • Brian Garland

    14 minutes later? 14 seconds later that dude would be taking .223

  • ducci bound

    14 min later, thats pretty quick for SJPD.

  • The skipper 88

    i got a shotgun attached to a trip wire at my back Door (i live in The forest so its ok)

  • Metal Pillowcase

    All of these ignorant, anti-liberal statements. Do you people ever stop to think that there are neighborhoods that don't allow citizens to own guns? There are places in America that will violate your HOA if you own a gun. Not every place in America is gun friendly. Sometimes you have to make the sacrifice between living and owning a house where you can't have a gun, or living in a trailer park next to a meth lab where you can have a small arsenal, but you might get blown up. Regardless, stop and think a bit before you run your keyboard. You're making conservatives look like a joke. As if Trump isn't already hurting our cause enough.

  • Jack Knolls

    She is probably an anti-gun liberal who voted for Hillary.

  • Harley Quinn

    I don't need a gun. I would have taken him with a surprise stab of a Bowie knife.

  • JuanCarlos Esparza

    Should have said, he's stealing my weed, bet you'd have swat as soon as you hung up

  • stevethul1

    Leave it to CA to protect the Criminal and not the Innocent. Let's take more guns away from Law Abiding Citizens Gov. Brown.
    The old saying 'Cops are Minutes Away when Seconds Count"…

  • Heywood

    Get a "Charlie bar" for sliding glass doors. It makes a door jimmy proof.

  • David C

    Open fire! Scum.

  • Armedlegally

    This could of ended a whole lot worse! And exactly why we have the 2nd Amendment no one should feel unsafe in their own home. Nothing against police officers but hardly ever do they show up in the middle of a crime, rape or murder. But they will show up after to take a report! If you people care at all for yourself or family you would get a firearm, get some training and learn to protect yourself.

  • Huey Freeman

    14 minutes?? it only takes 0.4 seconds to get ur brain blasted

  • Stemway LLC

    $850 ADT Security System and Video Surveillance Installed for FREE! CALL NOW 1-800-888-7899



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