iPhone 8 Looks Great, but iPhone X is the Real Upgrade – Apple Reactions



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  • Rhonda Lewis

    The IPhone X didn't wow me much. I was turned off with the $1k price point. Face ID doesn't interest me. I also hate Apple for taking out the 128 gig on the phones. The glass back is fine but I wish they would add more colors like a standard blue & red phone. I think the Apple phone would have been further along if Steve Jobs was still alive

  • Frank Venuti

    Its a phone, If it can text, take a picture at the beach ,read email and play music thats all I need.Why the he'll would anyone spend a thousand just to get to an app or a web to open 1/10 of a second faster, If getting ripped off so you can feel trendy is a priority for you, have at it

  • Peace Lover

    Suck my dick apple..

  • riyan maredia

    If you go back in time in 2007 and show iPhone x he would be like wow this is so advanced iPhone

  • hpdagreat

    Hell no SJ is rolling in his grave right bout now

  • NewWalls98

    My wife said just cover the notch with duck tape and stop complaining .

  • Álvaro Agraz

    The iPhone X is so ugly… That monstrous black bar eating away the display is as hideous as ever on any phone with a cutout.

  • kycounterstrike

    iOS could never serve my needs so I've never owned an iPhone. That being said, the top notch is hideous, lack of fingerprint scanner is a mistake, and both the 8 and X are boring.

    More importantly though, Juan, bro… Shave your neck dude, girls be touching that shit and thinking "Cha cha cha Chia."

  • Thomas Mastrodicasa

    Wireless charging, like the galaxy 6 introduced. (Nokia really did this first, but it was windows phone)
    The camera is like the galaxy 7.
    Fast charging capable like so many android phones, but unlike those phones it's not included in the box.
    With all of these disappointing truths, why did they skip 7s? Body style changes used to be what changed the number. Now we have 6 7 and 8 all with essentially the same shell. Where is the innovation here?

  • imacmadman22

    Going to skip the X for now, I'll more than likely wait until it's successor iPhone (XI?) comes out. Never buy the first gen of any Apple product, let them work out the bugs and faults, the second generation device will be better. Also, waiting to see what Google brings in October, Pixel XL2?

  • sultanabran1

    funny how apple calls it bezeless but there is a 5mm bezel around the whole phone

  • Bertram Inc.

    Used it for a few minutes. Noticed now to save a photo from the web browser you have to long press, wait for the photo to expand, pull the photo down, in order to get save or copy options. Why the extra step. Also noticed the awful graphics of the unlock screen. Yuk. Then checked to see if they finally fixed the Move & Scale code while setting a wallpaper or lock screen photo…. they didnt fix it. The last time that actually worked was early 2013 when ios 6 was still here. Fail. Wont be upgrading or buying until they fix this and stop adding steps to every process. They are literally going backwards.

  • Zaid BoomBoomPow

    although i use android phone, but i really love gpu & graphic in iphone.. it really smooth, always watch my brother playing games in his iphone 7

  • SmartMobCorner

    Awesome review, that i have ever seen!! Keep moving

  • Roderick Johnson

    I am getting the IPhone X also, I think it’s gonna be a solid device… oh and I am currently using the iPhone 6+…

  • Joshua Welty


  • Joshua Welty

    It doesn’t capture it

  • Fruji Rex

    It did cuz the face id failed on stage looool

  • ahmad sheha

    Enter your e-mail information now and have a chance to

    win an IPHONE X


  • Rachel Tanis

    Not being rood but i compared the iphone 8 to a iphone x and the iphone x was smaller



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