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  • Bernard Siva

    Hey crow, if you had to pick one ICO, either Celsius network or Blockchain Terminal as a long term investment, which would your pick? TIA

  • Pleroma

    Duuuuuuuude. Cmon. Tell us

  • emad ali


  • Jessica C.

    Can't believe i missed this! crap… anyways, what is your point on the whole privacy thing? Coins like deeponion and monero seems to be the most popular right now. Are you into these?


    There are suggestions a trading bot used by many on Binance has been hacked, which may suggest this was a problem with a third party rather than Binance itself.

    Binance’s CEO stated: “All funds are safe. There were irregularities in trading activity, automatic alarms triggered. Some accounts may have been compromised by phishing from before. We are still investigating. All funds are safe.”

    He further added: “Binance has reversed all irregular trades. All deposit, trading and withdrawal are resumed. Will write a more detailed account of what happened shortly. Interestingly, the hackers lost coins during this attempt. We will donate this to Binance Charity.”

    The situation thus now appears to be under control with the hackers seemingly being the ones that got hacked in what appears to be a first for an exchange.

  • Maverick T

    Basically what I gathered. Open Platform is like the lightning network, but for the whole crypto space?

  • Ioan Pintea

    I had the same multy wallet ideea, but no support

  • T8R

    Murder of Crows at Kings Island. Not that your big self could ride anything.

  • Che Moks

    Heya Crow! So an update on Cartel Coin – It seems that there is no prototype at this time. I joined their Telegram and it seems they are trying to push that they have a working prototype. Unfortunately they have not conducted their Alpha test yet. Just seems a little misleading to the public. Any Thoughts? Thanks for the videos btw!

  • ауауау ауауау

    Best token TELCOIN! 1$ in december 2018. Airdrop telcoin. pro/airdrop

  • z4nza

    I suggest you guys check out the Cartel telegram chat. These guys are legit and truly honest. Unlike 99% of ICO's…

  • RealHealthNews

    Cryptos RIP.

  • pedro longo diaz

    Congrats for every vídeo your are making. Not just about technical análisis but laso market feeling. So, thanks! Wy the way…COULD YOU TALK ABOUT WHAT ARE YOUR NEW CONSIDERATIONS ABOUT “””CARDANO/ADA”ll? The community is growing and lot’s of us follows you, so far we are getting worried about future price. Thanks again and have a good weekend.


    for anybody fudding on credits, reason they havnt released code on github yet is cause there currently patenting, you think there gonna give out there secret sauce to these billion dollar top 10 blockchains without patents, no chance when there smoking btc, eos, eth

  • Lisa Coleman

    Crow it's the Mt Gox funds getting liquidated. Love your channel. Watch every day to see what you have to say. Love the ICO reviews, keep them coming. I'm in Canada so if the right one comes along that has the right criteria, I'm going to jump in.

  • MrHous26

    It's great that you are reviewing ICO's without being paid for your opinion. Keep it up! What non-ICO coins are you most bullish on? I think privacy coins are going to do great once this bear market starts to fix itself. Coins like DeepOnion and Zcash are super undervalued at the moment and should outperform the broader market. Zcash is the safer bet since its a bigger coin but DeepOnion has the greater potential for a 100x since its a small cap coin thats flying under the radar for many.

  • Noel Guiot

    I am not investing in more ICOs, all my investments in ICO tokens these last three months have lost so much value and there is no way they can ever recover, Cartel Coin looks interesting though…almost invested in BlockPort. Instead I will stick to large marketcap cryptos (like NEO/Monero) and the few small marketcap projects I really believe in like Kucoin or DeepOnion. I hope Kucoin can fix its bugs though and I really hope DeepOnion release its next privacy feature and mobile wallet very soon as planned.

  • Crypto Dude

    Jason, ever thought about creating a treasure hunt game called Crow Island. People buy tokens to participate and find the bounty….

  • Matthew Clark

    I just joined your channel and telegram! Btw, I see your idea for the wallet but personally I stay away from CC’s or anything that uses my crypto currency to purchase everyday items. Anyway, I look forward to your content, was especially loving your older video of $1k to $1mil and things to invest. I am all about hodling and looking to expand. Learned some very expensive and valuable lessons when I first got into the space, but looking to turn things around

  • tim tim

    hi, take a look at Dix Asset (DIX). We want to build a new community and the price is rising right now!

  • aslambek jounidov

    We cant download your Profit Trailer settings (404)

  • T. Lemke

    PAY ATTENTION!!! Jasons account has been hacked! DO NOT follow the CoinMastery link in the description and DO NOT donate anything to the wallet shown in the description!!

  • Juan Martinez

    This dude got hella hacked rip

  • Michael Mroz

    I didn't realize the 'more…' in those posts were links …duh…good stuff!!



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