Microsoft not at all happy with Google after Windows exploit reveal



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  • Mutation666

    Yeah new propriety ssds that you have to pay and arm and a leg for

  • Solder Joe

    WTF with the Apple BS I had a more powerful laptop in 2005 FFS. It has no video card and no video ram. They could have at least put in the M.3 standard and allowed upgrading of a video card but they didn't even do that. The whole Apple line is 10 year old PC gear for 4x the price. The proprietary SSD's really that's feature? 4x the price because they can. What a rip off Apple has become. Why lie and promote this crap? Omission is lying. You just lost all credibility.

  • Lisa Antunes

    Internet Explorer??

  • Hossam Zayed

    #Age_of_VR yes it is coming and faster than we think, and there is no dought that any smart phone company that doesn't join the club Lenovo Pioneered as 3D scanning capable phones it will die like NOKIA did.

  • Clay Mann

    I love that little strip on the keyboard. Any chance of a company making a stand alone keyboard that has one? It needs app support but there's no reason it couldn't get that

  • MrMundo3d

    when is apple, going to come out with  a VR iPhone,



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