Polk Signature S35 Review and Sound Test!!!!.



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  • Alpha Angel

    Good video review.
    I see online that both of the Signature Line Center speakers
    can be used for all 3 front speakers in combo with a sub-woofer.
    A pricey option, but, if a person is into saving space and timbre
    matching, then that would be a good option.
    the entire Signature Line are the best looking new speakers
    on the current market.
    I still prefer ELAC Debut B4, B5 & B6 bookshelf models in comparison.
    ELAC sound is just that much better & their bass output is scary good.
    If the POLK Sig Line could deliver a more musical bass with better
    tactile delivery?
    They'd be the winner.
    Until then?
    ELAC Debut Line wins the contest.
    Same pricing too.
    good video & thx for posting.

  • Louie

    I am really impress with the look on S35, I am wanted to upgrade
    my current center speaker into this one, specially it already available
    in my local market. But my main speakers are the old good looking KEF
    Q1, and I don't know if the tonal sound would be match with the S35. I
    am not ready yet to upgrade my main speakers. If I do, I would go with S55.

  • Dominic Turkstra

    yo, i have the same receiver lol,
    What mode sounds the best do you think? I usually keep it on hall 2 dsp, It runs four polk audio towers and a center channel and i personally think that that mode sounds the best with lows and highs

  • Gary T

    Nice video but since you talk about vocals, a soundtrack with vocals would have been nice.

  • Mario Cerdas

    Does it come with screws? I have one and I didn't see them in the box

  • Chisha Sinyangwe

    I got this center channel myself and oddly its bigger in person and much much heavier than you would expect. Did i mention that it's beautiful and looks expensive?



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