Rethinking Airport Security After the Brussels Attacks



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  • Daniel Skiba

    The chance of a cia agent i mean terrorist killing you at the airport is less than hitting the lottery 10 times. Maybe we can have our mommies hold our hands while we drive too

  • Blaxtain Kranky

    I have an idea for the future: instal an inexpensive mind control chip in every human on earth and force all of us to behave correctly.

  • Moonsabie

    you could in future add health analysis reports to these travel system it looks like a natural overlap.
    when your that detailed already you might as well get a health report card.
    air travel seems like an expedited medical visit just add consent to issue a report via your drivers license like a donor card and you got a complete medical exam
    it pays for itself

  • The Vitruvian Man

    That was the whole point of the attack, to watch us more I knew this

  • oterenceo

    I have an idea. Ban carry on luggage. Everything checked in in advance. Zero Carry on allowed. Not even back packs. Only people are allowed on planes.

  • ReXShunji

    This is why Trump will make the world great again.

  • DC9848

    In the video:
    passengers = westerners, asians, latinos
    terrorists/hijackers = muslim
    Sad to say, but this is the truth based on statistics as well
    If i were a moderate muslim, I would be ashamed of the state of my religion

  • Elan Karoll

    Israel has the best airport security in the world. Its very quick to go through, and has one of the best detection rates in the world.

  • Alvin Tossler

    No shit ISIS is going to claim responsibility, the rest of the world sure as fuck wont. All our problems stem from ISIS. We dont make mistakes. We dont destabilize entire regions of the world. Its just evil sand niggers.

  • Aek Sinsang

    idea: stop drills, fake attacks and fire all the security who are actually run by zionists. stop this take away more of your freedoms bullshit.

  • Michael E. Brown

    What the Brussels Attack Means for You:



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