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  • Jcsandy Gobot obkkbo

    Wow the king of the sky

  • M. Sharp

    Lol….the J-20 or any aircraft in the world doesn't stand a chance against the F-22A. There isnt another aircraft even close to its capabilities…'s not even a argument… yet…

  • 405 BOY

    F-23 Raptor wins all the way..

  • Down Range

    Steal avionics, stealth, airframe layout from the Americans … Steal jet engine technology from the Russians. Granted probably the 2 best aeronautical developers in the world by far, yet they can’t reverse engineer it properly .

    Interesting …

    I am not going to make a judgment on the capabilities because I don’t know, but if this is going to be along range interceptor or arial denial aircraft the design is odd. It looks more like strike aircraft I guess…

    Took the strike based high wing load of the F35… larger internal bays if the F22s…. front canards of Typhoon or a Rafael. Questionable stealth characteristics and 80s era Russian turbine tech.

    This thing is a Frankenstein’s Monster.

  • James Parker

    So J stands for junk.
    They steal the plans but to stupid to build it.Why do people say chin are smart.???

  • Olivia Moore

    Look at the saab concept stealth fighter. The Chinese obviously stole the Swedish design. They look very much the same

  • TheMilpitasguy

    A "formidable foe"? The J-20 is pure junk & is intended for propaganda purposes only. Taiwanese air defense radar detected them easily as they approached the island nation using Taiwan's indigenous Sky Bow radar in X band 10 Mhz. The Indians also have no problem detecting this POS aircraft. It's not very stealthy at all, I'm afraid. If it were to go up against soft targets like the KC-135 refueling tankers, the E-3 Sentry AWACS can vector a couple of F-22s to intercept. Boom, done.

  • Aurα вírdч

    The f-22 raptor is far superior then anything what China has. China still use older obsolete planes of the J-20's are beat. So the f-22 is the winner here. China can't master planes. That's why they steal them.

  • Derik Card

    LMAO this isn't a comparison the j-20 couldn't dream to do the things the f-22 can. It is another cheap communist knock off and nothing more.

  • American guy

    Let me guess America chose the F-35 over the F-22 due to the F-35 can do almost anything and there is not enough air engagements for the F-22s?

  • HITESH Adhikari

    Numbers win, not to forget America has only about 127 combat f22 out of 185. Also most are deployed round the world, also maintenance will bring the numbers to about 60 ready at a time around globe at best.

    China if mass produces j20 by 3:1 to f22 they have better chance.

    Also depends on who is attacking whom, which side has home advantage

  • Christian Hjelmstrom

    That`s the reason why China is developing the J-31. they saw the need of a more maneuverable fighter that can rival the F-22 in dogfighting capabilities. It maight not be able to win a 1-on-1 combat against the F-22, but it can be far cheaper to build. China, bets on quantity over quality, so, in an eventual war, we would probably see F-22 squads heavely outnumbered by swarms of J-31 fighters, like in Star Wars, where Rebel/Resistance fighters have to engage inferior enemy fighters, but who allways in far numeric advantage.

  • Ciro Diaz

    Bootlegged Chinese

  • Shawn Gunnison

    Here's what we know so far. It's a fucking ugly piece of chinesium garbage. A bastardization of American excellence and Chinese bullshittery.

  • Tony Dinh

    J20 is a piece of shit and will get blown out of the sky in record time, period! Flying paper tiger, made Vachina!!

  • Adam Osborne

    the american airforce has learned from decades of air dominance around the world and nothing beats combat experience otherwise you are guessing situations american pilots has served it which makes the f22 dominant regardless of perceved issues

  • Nigeru Faggimus

    This is a no constest! J-20 all trash no challenge

  • SoN oFaBleepBlop

    Its Crazy How Countrys compare a brand new 2018 to 2020 SU57/J20 aircraft to a 2005 almost 15 year old F22!
    And the F22 is still superior ! Thats the proof America makes the Best aircraft!

  • Pete 952

    Only the best of stolen technology!
    Radar by "fuzz buster" and "Samsung microwave ovens"
    Stealth coating by sprayed "magic seal"
    Apu by "Honda generators"
    Fuel by "justice brothers"
    Tires by "big 'o' brand"
    Seats by "laz-e-boy"
    Electronic s by "radio shack"

    Look out F22!

  • Steve Rhodes

    It doesn't matter . Any F22 attacking China would be destroyed on the ground after they returned from a strike , while in hangers undergoing the lengthy maintenance they require per flight hour .

  • cheese toasty

    1 small problem about the f-22, the range is pretty shit

  • Tempest Uggae Satanas

    Based on its size, shape, and what we know it looks like a stealth interceptor with a low level penetration bomber / (ASUW). It reminds me of the F14s from the navy (with China working on longer ranged missiles) and a MiG31 with stealth from a frontal aspect. The canards will give it more maneuverability, yes but in a dogfight I would pick the F22. Also it is worth noting the US navy has its newest (stealth?) UAV fitted with refueling purposes. Overall, not bad.



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