Como assinar um apk pelo terminal

DemonstraĆ§Ć£o de como assinar um aplicativo de Android. Para demonstrar como assinar foi gerado um apk com Metasploit. Curso Hacker

Programming languages: Master of one or Jack of all?

Is it better to have absolute mastery in one or two languages, than be simply competent in several? Have your say. Want to be at #RISEConf next year?

Ethical Hacking | Tutorial No 1

In this series you will learn how to Ethical Hacking from Scratch! Follow me on Twitter:

The Developer Show (TL;DR 081)

Web Share API: Mobile Web Specialist Certification: Zalando increases installs and revenue: Shopping campaigns: TensorBoard API: Dedicated Interconnect:

NO DEVELOPER Mode on Xbox One X ?

Now a developer can just switch over their own retail console. In allowing any Xbox One to become a dev kit, Microsoft is unlocking the floodgates

Google Developer Days Europe 2017 – Day 2 (Auditorium)

Check in to the livestream to watch day 2 of GDD Europe '17! This livestream will cover all sessions taking place on the Auditorium stage of the

Developer Journey: Building an intelligent Swift application using HackerNews

Getting insights from large amounts of unstructured data sources is getting easier to do using machine learning technologies. This demo showcases

Playtime 2016 – Fireside chat – Wayfair & Pokemon GO on augmented reality

Augmented reality offers the opportunity to engage users in ways never seen before. In this fireside chat, Wayfair and Niantic discuss

Playtime 2016 – Creating sustainable user growth

User growth isn't just about improving user acquisition. The key to sustainability is creating and delivering core product value. In this session,