Unprecedented security expected for New Year’s ball drop

The strict rules and heightened law enforcement presence in New York City come after two terrorist attacks in the city in the past two months.

Doc Pop’s News Drop: How Hackers Can Find New Sites Within 30 Minutes

This week's News Drop covers how hackers can find a fresh new WordPress install within 30-60 minutes of going live. Don't be nervous though, as long

Doc Pop’s News Drop: Automattic closing its San Francisco office?

In a recent interview on the Stack Overflow Podcast, Matt Mullenweg discusses the possibility of closing Automattic's HQ in San Francisco. We visited

Doc Pop’s News Drop: What motivates spammers?

Spammers are constantly trying to take control of WordPress websites, but have you ever wondered why? Wordfence recently wrote a great piece about


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Dissolving Cataracts with a Drop

For more on this story visit More from Inside Science visit our site at Most of us can see clearly…but for tens of millions of

Samsung Shares Drop After CEO Warning: The Bottom Line | CNBC

Samsung Electronics warns of a tough environment in 2016 amid weak global economic growth and increased competition » Subscribe to CNBC: About CNBC: