The Tatiana Show – Hartej Shawney & Connie Gallippi & Christie Harkin

Topics Include: -- Cyber Security Solutions for blockchain technology -- Smart Contract Auditing -- Blockchain based charity --

Block Digest #89 – Petro Trumped

Welcome to episode #89 of Block Digest! (Wednesday, March 21st 2018) Join us: Follow us on Twitter: Credits ======== Shinobius - Aknix (2.0) - Rick

3D in Review for 12/09/2017 “Will the killer VR app be the equivalent of a Tamagotchi?”

Opening Theme: “Will the killer VR app be the equivalent of a Tamagotchi? With my own experience with the cyber puppy from the

Live-Network Forensics CTF Part#2 With Wireshark-Tamilbotnet

this video discribe about"live-Network Forensics With Wireshark-Tamilbotnet" arduino: data cable : wireshark : visit my blog Facebook page Follow

DTNS 2783 – WWDC and Xbox E3

Apple announces updates to its four operating systems and Microsoft adds two new Xbox models. +Tom Merritt and +Justin Young give you the rundown.

Daily Tech News Show – May 23, 2014

+Darren Kitchen is with us to talk Google's Project Tango Tablet and the state of Drones in the world. They can deliver pizza in India! Also +Len