Zolna Report – Facebook Loses $120 Billion In Value In One Day!

Facebook stock plunged Thursday, marking its worst day of trading since the company went public in 2012. In one day, the social

Largest Capacity Hard Drive ? | Some Fresh Technology Facts

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Tech Talk #2 – Indian Hacker, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Bug erroe, Anand Prakash, Ethical Hacker

This Engineer Earned Rs. 1.2 Crore from Finding Software Bugs in Facebook and Twitter. Anand Prakash is an Indian security engineer and Bug bounty

Tech News 11 : New XBOX – IPHONE 7 & More

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media Accounts Were Hacked During the Weekend

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked over the weekend. A hacker group by the name of OurMine Team claimed to