Tucker challenges Portland ‘Occupy ICE’ protester

During the protesters' month-long occupation of ICE facilities, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced his support for them and refused to have police

Minneapolis Ups Security Ahead of Super Bowl

Sunday's Super Bowl will be a "tier 1" security event said the Secretary of Homeland Security. Kirstjen Nielsen said local and national law enforcement

Trump unveils ‘America first’ national security strategy

President outlines plan that includes defeating ISIS, protecting the homeland from North Korea and securing U.S. borders.

Public Symposium: JSC National Security – Private Security Industry in T&T – Part 2

Symposium hosted by the JSC on National Security Theme: The Prevalence and Growth of Private Security Companies in Trinidad and Tobago, the Absence

ICIT Interview: General (Ret) Michael Hayden, NSA & Cyber Command

General (Ret.) Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and Chief, U.S. Cyber Command, shares his views on our community's response

President Donald Trump Makes Remarks On National Security | NBC News

President Trump makes remarks after National Security Briefing » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News is a leading source of

Is Donald Trump a danger to national security? BBC News

When 50 senior figures from your own side - say you could be - the most reckless President in US history - you know you're having a bad day at the

Cyber War, Cyber Peace, Stones, and Glass Houses – Duo Tech Talk

Washington has become transfixed by cyber security and with good reason. Cyber threats cost Americans billions of dollars each year and put U.S.

National Security and Cyber Surveillance: A Debate

This debate is the fourth event in a University Seminar series on Internet freedom and governance. The currently planned format

Private Group Sought to Arm Syrian Rebels

Dion Nissenbaum takes a look at the strange tale of an effort by private U.S. citizens, including some with ties to private security contractors,