IndiGo grounds A320 Neo aircraft again

The Parliament has empowered the Enforcement Directorate to confiscate assets of fugitives after Rajya Sabha passed the Economic Offenders Bill;

Public Symposium: JSC National Security – Private Security Industry in T&T – Part 2

Symposium hosted by the JSC on National Security Theme: The Prevalence and Growth of Private Security Companies in Trinidad and Tobago, the Absence

OTTAWA SHOOTING: Inside Parliament building

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MEPs debate thorny issue of airport body scanners

Making Europe's airports more secure is a major challenge for the European Union. Body scanners have been put forward as an idea to enhance security

Marco Cappato on Aviation security measures

Speech by Marco Cappato MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Impact of aviation security measures and body scanners on human rights, privacy, personal dignity and

Marios Matsakis on Civil aviation security

Speech by Marios Matsakis MEP on : Common rules in the field of civil aviation security [on behalf of the Group] [Language EN original]