3 YouTube Shooting Victims at Calif. Hospital

A spokesman for San Francisco General Hospital says it received three patients after a shooting at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, California.

The Week In Science: Trump’s science & tech report, Scientists in the Texas Primaries

It’s been a big week in science policy with lots of scandals and reports coming out of the White House. STORY 1. The office of

Largest Deployment of Federal Security In Super Bowl History

To prepare and respond to any potential incident the FBI says it has brought in 200 extra agents who are a part of 1,000 federal agents from multiple

Minneapolis Ups Security Ahead of Super Bowl

Sunday's Super Bowl will be a "tier 1" security event said the Secretary of Homeland Security. Kirstjen Nielsen said local and national law enforcement

Security Flaws Put Virtually All Phones, Computers At Risk | NBC Nightly News

The flaws in the computer chips of many brands are putting billions of laptops, desktops and mobile phones at risk. » Subscribe to NBC News: »

Trump unveils ‘America first’ national security strategy

President outlines plan that includes defeating ISIS, protecting the homeland from North Korea and securing U.S. borders.

Sindh’s few private security companies involved in suspicious activities

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We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci

We're building an artificial intelligence-powered dystopia, one click at a time, says technosociologist Zeynep Tufecki. In an eye-opening talk, she

FBI “Cross Country” Operation Recovers 84 Child Trafficking Victims

A nationwide FBI sting operation resulted in the arrests of 120 child sex traffickers. 84 young victims were rescued in the sting,

Radical Technologies – with Adam Greenfield | Virtual Futures Salon

Virtual Futures presents leading technology thinker Adam Greenfield on his field manual to the Radical Technologies that are transforming our lives.