Design a Search Engine – Part 1

How would you build a search engine? In this part one we are going to discuss the basics of search engines architecture. The BEST BOOK I found on

RailsConf 2014 – Too Big to Fail by Chris Maddox

It's 5am and a multi-million dollar process fails halfway through. Hours of nightmarish, manual brain surgery later, enough is enough. What happens

Passion Projects (Live) 11: Laura Gluhanich (Building Online Communities)

The 11th episode of the Passion Projects Live series, featuring Laura Gluhanich. Laura has designed, built and shipped community, support and content

Practices of Practical Developers

A lot of people have an idea for the next great app. Some even do research into what building an app actually takes, but very few actually follow

Is Software Development Your Calling? — App Development

Recently, XDA Developer TV Producer Jayce has been talking a lot about App Development. He's interviews people and spoke about different frameworks,

Resumes Don’t Work on the Internet — Careers in Android

Here at XDA we are hobbyists. We unlock our phones, modify the kernels, and build applications often time to the thrill of the hunt. But with Android