The Creator of Bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto reveals himself

Please donate Bitcoin: 162TDkUo7moTxUGTAz7T1B1SMMGZ1jRddu Craig Steven Wright says he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the real creator of Bitcoin, The Blockchain

Steven Kotler: “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance”

As the author of The Rise of Superman and co-founder of the Flow Genome Project, Steven Kotler is one of the world's leading experts on ultimate

Podcast #109 – Steven Kotler & The Rise of Superman – Bulletproof Radio

Ever experienced flow state - the super-human state of high performance when everything is in-sync and you're kicking ass at life? Bestselling author

DEF CON 19 – Steven Levy – We Owe it All to the Hackers

WE OWE IT ALL TO THE HACKERS The same spirit that drives the modern hackers today was the impetus to move digital technology into the mainstream

Steven Levy: “In the Plex” | Talks at Google

Steven Levy spoke to Googlers in Mountain View on April 19, 2011 about his new book In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives.

Steven Levy Talks about Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution – 25th Anniversary Edition

Dale Dougherty, editor and publisher of MAKE magazine interviews Steven Levy senior writer for Wired Magazine about Hackers Heroes of the Computer