Justin Trudeau at the United Nations | Full UN speech from Canada’s prime minister

Justin Trudeau at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In his UN speech, Canada's prime minister talked about Indigenous reconciliation,

Tools of the Hardware Hacking Trade – Duo Tech Talk

Many electronic devices contain design flaws that could lead to exploitable vulnerabilities. In order to discover such flaws, hackers and engineers

DEF CON 22 – Michael Schrenk – You’re Leaking Trade Secrets

Slides Here: You're Leaking Trade Secrets Michael Schrenk BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST Networks don't need to be hacked for information to be

Roblox Password Exploit Trade Hangout

This was on trade hangout. Merely was warning people to not put their passwords in a box that an exploiter of some kind put in.

Ethical Hacking – Hardware and Software Tools of the Trade

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Interview with Xavier Antoviaque Co-Founder of Online Freelancing Startup Hacker Trade

In this interview we discuss Hacker Trade's agency style approach with co-founder Xavier Antoviaque and the impact of announcing their launch on