Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot E3 Hands-on – Footage

Watch some gameplay of Bethesda's latest VR game Wolfestein: Cyberpilot on the HTC Vive. _ Please like and comment on this video

Bethesda Announce 3 new VR Games at E3 2018

Three new VR games announced by Bethesda: Prey: Typhon Hunter, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot and The Elder Scrolls: Blades. _ Please like

Bethesda Announce new VR Game: Wolfenstein Cyberpilot at E3 2018

Bethesda announce Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot a new VR game coming in 2019. _ Please like and comment on this video and subscribe to

Building for everyone: how to use tech to change the world (Google I/O ’18)

In this Keynote Session, Google.org’s Jacquelline Fuller talks to a group of technologists who are building tools for causes they care deeply about,

Tractor Hacking: The Farmers Breaking Big Tech’s Repair Monopoly

When it comes to repair, farmers have always been self reliant. But the modernization of tractors and other farm equipment over

Can artificial intelligence help predict and prevent traffic accidents? – BBC Click

Click visits the US to see how predictive analytics help in emergencies. Plus Honda's work on creating robots with emotions and some AR pilot training.

Around the Air Force: Estonia Theater Security / Brown Beret / VR Flight Training

On this look around the Air Force Ohio ANG Airmen support theater security in Estonia, combat aviation advisors are authorized to wear a brown beret,

3D in Review for 12/09/2017 “Will the killer VR app be the equivalent of a Tamagotchi?”

Opening Theme: “Will the killer VR app be the equivalent of a Tamagotchi? With my own experience with the cyber puppy from the

The Virus That Kills Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria kill 23,000 people every year in the United States, and the United Nations estimates that by 2050,

Meet the People Building Their Own Internet in Detroit

When it comes to the internet, our connections are generally controlled by telecom companies. But a group of people in Detroit is trying to change