The Bitcoin News Show #60 – CME & Nasdaq Futures, Crypto Regulation, Crypto going Mainstream



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  • SanktGallus

    It seems only about the money. If I were Satoshi I had one day to destroy bitcoin and create another more fair world coin for every single born human. Cheering about futures and banks helping bitcoin to become more worth in dollars, was this the idea of Nakamoto?

  • Chris Smith

    Half of these youtubers need to go away, they made a couple bucks on Bitcoin and now they are all gurus. The price could go up or the price could go down lmao, my backyard chickens can predict that.

  • Jeremy Sager

    5:10 Are we in a bubble? – William K. Santiago
    7:16 Are we in a bubble? – Evgeny
    11:34 Are we in a bubble? – Austin Crypto Angler
    14:13 Thoughts on government crackdowns – Austin
    16:45 Thoughts on government crackdowns – William
    18:48 Thoughts on government crackdowns – Evgeny
    27:20 Thoughts on CME & NASDAQ futures – William
    28:07 Additional thoughts on government crackdowns – Austin
    28:52 Thoughts on CME & NASDAQ futures – Evgeny
    30:13 Thoughts on ICOs – Evgeny
    33:12 Thoughts on ICOs – Austin
    35:35 Thoughts on ICOs – William
    42:58 What upcoming project do you find exciting? – William
    49:08 What upcoming project do you find exciting? – Evgeny
    52:02 What upcoming project do you find exciting? – Austin
    54:31 Thoughts on current price – Austin
    59:12 Thoughts on current price – William
    59:17 Thoughts on current price – Evgeny
    1:01:18 Additional thoughts on price – Austin
    1:05:59 Contact info

  • Ken Semotiuk

    The CME is supposed to make available bitcoin futures around the Dec 11, 2017. Will the banks, hedge funds able to manipulate the price of bitcoin like they do with silver and gold? Should they purchase Bitcoin future shorts they could very well take the price of Bitcoin down. You have remember banks are not freinds of gold and silver. When people use Bitcoin they leave the middleman out. The middlemen are the banks and the government. I am sure that the middlemen would like to see bitcoin gone because they can't profit from bitcoin?


    can we get this in podcast form please!!!

  • Ken Semotiuk

    Bitcoin + futures+ CME= total price manipulation of bitcoin.
    Silver + futures + CME = total price manipulation of silver
    Gold + futures + CME = total manipulation of gold

  • Freedom Teacher

    I have watched every single one of your shows, Jeffrey; some of them more than once. Unfortunately I could not make it through this show for more than 45 minutes! Uggh…Hyperledger? Digitizing fiat? (of course, Simon Dixon theorizes about this as well…). Lots of regulation to "protect" people? Central banks' opinions? Good job, Jeffrey, at being neutral and professional, though….

  • Roy Wessbecher

    How did he get $200K as "right around " gold's valuation? I came out with around $350K. At that point Bitcoin will stabilize and can compete with (and beat) gold over time.

  • Jason Cox

    This guy keeps saying “SME”… Lol. It’s CME

  • Crypto Bits

    I think we have about 1 year to get crypto at bargain prices and 10 years before crypto is everywhere

  • braddockakalatis2

    I never thought I'd miss Tone.

  • lambecolin

    Vortex —-great job on the content guests Vortex—very balanced and interesting with different guests.

  • Atir Raihan

    Vortex you make a good point about the current weakness of the bitcoin infrastructure, but your comment about this requiring work on off-chain scaling before on chain (bigger blocks) just seems so counter-intuitive. If increasing block size gives us immediate benefits – allowing us time to develop the off chain solutions that you may argue are the eventual answer to the 10 dollar transaction fee that I have just paid to move 100 dollars of BTC – don't you think that it makes sense to do bigger blocks, Honestly just asking, and not trying to pick a fight

  • justice4germans

    in the end we will continue to have small exchanges with very little liquidity, easily moved by whales and a separate market to bet on those exchanges movements..

  • Dan Von Pache

    Yo Cybertrust dude!! Either fix your accent or talk to the f'n mic instead the side of it, WTF?!

  • Mart Brighton

    Do you guys know Youtube is running an ad for Bitconnect in front of this video? How do you feel about this? I don't know (would rather spend my time researching other more promising things) but Bitconnect has features that look awfully similar to a ponzi / pyramid scheme.

  • Dan Von Pache

    I cringe listening to this crooked banker's bitch Santiago character saying "I've been in crypto since 2011….but, bring in the referees" as in the fed vampires to whip us into submission. Few words for you Mr Santiago: BTC was made by us, censorship resistant, decentralized and for the purpose of private P2P exchange if we choose to…so sad to watch this technology of hope slowly being unraveled at thie fringes precisely by individuals like these: traders, fund managers or clueless regulators that this panel comprises.

  • KonaChuck22

    Is that guy's mic broke?

  • B. Real

    Nothing they said was genius. I can get better advice about bit coin from my neighborhood wino.

  • Crypto DRO

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  • August chris

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