What happens when an asylum seeker gets picked up at the border?



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  • Jake Ralph

    They are illegals not asylum seekers.

  • Frolf Jerry

    They are illegal aliens, not "asylum seekers"

  • zoey taylor

    Go back to the states! You are not refugees!!!

  • Old Gregg

    Cause this worked out so well for edmonton last month….#fakenews

  • tobias1959

    CBC you have hit the bottom of the barrel, with your propaganda. Zero credibility as a news source.

  • Kris Taylor

    Quick question. What are your thoughts on legal permanent residents from European countries?

  • oldmansgoldchannel

    How many refugee are arrested for breaking the law? #yellowPageJouralism

  • JamesJoyce12

    What happens when they are economic illegal aliens leaving the USA and coming to Canada because we offer them piles of free stuff. If they are legitimately fearing for their life, the USA is fine – if not – they are abusing our system.

  • Ed Rundle

    Crossing from a safe country like the US is very very different than arriving in a cargo hold. I see no reason why we have to accept the financial burden of what appears to be the burden that belongs to the US – who have already started a process in most cases .If the US has determined that they are not refugees already why do we need to vet them again? Could we not use those resources to vet more legitimate cases?
    CBC does not ask enough questions , and their coverage here and elsewhere make them out to be propagandists leaving Canadians without an unbiased public resource that we pay for and deserve. CBC should work harder to be unbiased and regain some credibility – credibility they've squandered in their Post-Modern Neo-Marxist positions on everything in the last few years. This material should have been published 2 years ago, and should still ask tougher questions – maybe represent some of the views that are contrary to (their own) progressive values. Of course typically when they do present alternative views they are hand picked views of fringe hard line right wing people, CBC denies the middle ground where most people live. The middle ground where we are nor racists, or identity politicians , and are suspicious of the Left authoritarians and the right too -two sides of the same coin.
    Nice try CBC but your reputation makes this presentation suspect.We know from which ideology you speak from.

  • erepsekahs

    How naïve is this clown?

  • Henry Townshed

    Lol @ canada

  • BBGorilla1

    Nope not true. Never was, not under Harper, Martin or any of the others. Our border shared with the U.S has always been LAX. In the mid 2000's it was WORSE. So many people tried to get in and a lot of them did. The number now is 70% for those approved.

  • Gregory Sweetman


  • Dennis King

    Our bellhops know as police assist them with their baggage. And direct them to the nearest swanky hotel.



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