What is Blockchain?



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  • Craig Bennett II

    I have a video on what it is, and how it isn't a 100% secure. The video has graphics, and is much shorter than this.

  • Bobby Dukes

    So miss Tech TV.

  • Ed Dellis

    Nice shirt, Leo! If you follow IndyCar, you might be interested in a technology that I invented. I've had the privilege of working in Formula One and NASCAR, too. I custom-fit drivers to their steering wheels using a re-moldable composite thermoplastic. I've done it for mice, too…seriously, imagine being able to design the HMI (human-machine interface) of your own mouse! http://www.SteeringWheelTechnology.com has videos of a presentation I gave in Berlin where I go down the Rabbit Hole for both the scientific and human side of feeling the limit at the ragged edge. I always enjoy your videos, and I learn a lot from them, too…many thanks, sir!

  • ValhalaFiveSix

    This is like the old days of Screen Savers.

  • Larry Cato

    I’m a lumberjack and that’s ok… great beard.

  • conundrum conundrum

    I would like to hear more from Eric. Have him on again to talk about the content of his book. The best person that I have heard speak of all cyrpto assets is andreas antonopoulos. He has it covered and is gifted in communicating all aspects of cyrpto so all can understand. Have him on the show. This is a great up and coming topic to have on your shows.

  • Stephen Butler


  • David Vance

    This reminds me of the 1994 Today Show video of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel talking about the Internet. Leo used to be very knowledgeable about the bleeding edge of technology. Now it seems all he focuses on is how to buy the coolest new gadgets.

  • Xero Wolf

    OMFG!!! It's Patrick Norton!!! Haven't seen this dude in ages damn.



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